UP Police: Constable recruitment exam paper leaked, solved paper sent over phone; Answers written sequentially

The police recruitment examination paper of the district was leaked in Mainpuri on Sunday. In Block B of Dr. Kiran Saujia Academy of the city, the center administrator caught a candidate with a solved copy. Two papers were found with him, in which answers to 114 out of 150 questions in the examination were written sequentially. On information, police officers reached the spot. The candidate has been arrested and interrogation has started. A complaint has been lodged in the police station on behalf of the center administrator.

Two solvers were arrested in the first shift examination in the district on Sunday. By evening, a third solver was arrested from a school in the city. Police was collecting information from everyone. Then information was received that a candidate appearing in the second shift in B-block of Dr. Kiran Saujia Academy already had a copy of the answers to the questions of the police recruitment examination. When center administrator Dinto MD asked the arrested candidate, he told his name as Ravi Prakash Singh, son of Radheshyam, resident of Baruna police station, Narayanpur district, Bhojpur Bihar. Two papers were recovered from him.

Answers to the questions of police recruitment examination were written in them. There were a total of 150 questions in the recruitment exam, out of which the candidate already had correct answers to 114 questions. When asked, he first told that he had also written answers to the questions along with some candidates present outside.

After getting information about the candidate being caught with the solved copy, ASP Rahul Mithas reached the spot with the police force. The arrested candidate was brought to the police station for questioning. Police interrogation of Ravi Prakash, who was caught there, is going on.

The solved paper was sent on the phone-

Ravi Prakash, who was caught with the solved copy of police recruitment in Dr. Kiran Saujia Academy, first asked some students outside the academy to note down the answers. That's when he was strictly interrogated. Then he told that the solved paper was sent to his mobile. From that the correct answers were noted on the slip. How much money did he pay for this? It was said that he did not give any money to anyone. There is a stir in the administration as the answers to the questions asked in the police recruitment examination are already available with the candidates. However, till now no formal statement has been issued by the administration in this regard. It is being said that the candidate will be interrogated. The police has also seized Ravi Prakash's mobile phone.

The police officers are not able to give any clear answer in the matter of cheating being caught . Additional Superintendent of Police Rahul Mithas said that the candidate caught in Dr. Kiran Saujia Academy was cheating. However, he continued to be interrogated in the police station till late evening. According to sources, the police may make a big revelation on Monday. For this, teams from nearby districts are also engaged in investigation.

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