UPSC CSE Exam 2024: There will be improvement in the examination system of UPSC Civil Services, students of Hindi belt can get big relief

UPSC CSE Exam 2024: Civil Services (CSE) of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is considered one of the toughest examinations in the country. Every year a large number of candidates apply for this examination, but only a few candidates get selected. This is the reason why the candidates who are selected for this are considered an example for others. The syllabus of Civil Services is very wide. At the same time, due to the implementation of CSAT, the youth of the Hindi belt lagged behind in this. This is the reason why for the last few years it is being said that the syllabus should be prepared keeping in mind the youth of the Hindi belt. But now good news has come for the students of Hindi medium and rural environment.

In fact, the parliamentary committee has recommended the formation of a committee to improve the UPSC examination system. This committee will study whether the present examination system provides equal opportunities to urban candidates educated through English medium and rural candidates educated through non-English medium?

1472 posts of IAS officers are vacant in the country-

According to the information shared by the Parliamentary Committee, about 1472 posts of IAS officers are vacant. According to the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), there is a shortage of 1,472 IAS officers. In which 850 posts are vacant in direct recruitment posts and 622 posts are vacant in promotional posts. To overcome the shortage of officers, the Central Government is recruiting 180 IAS officers annually. The committee has recommended that DoPT consider increasing the number of directly recruited IAS officers to fill the deficit.

Concern expressed over delay in UPSC examinations-

Regarding UPSC examinations, the panel expressed concern about the long duration of the process, which takes a long time of about 15 months from the notification of the examination to the result. The Panel believes that the recruitment examinations should ideally be completed within 6 months to avoid wasting the essential years of the candidates and to affect their physical and mental abilities.

Before the implementation of CSAT, most of the youth from Hindi belt were selected-

 Atone time, before the implementation of CSAT, most of the youth from Hindi belt were selected in UPSC Civil Services. The situation was such that dozens of candidates from Allahabad University, BHU and other universities became IAS. But with the implementation of CSAT, English medium students are dominating the civil services.

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