Employees OPS 2024: Will employees get full amount of old pension? See complete information here

The government has released big news on January 26 to provide benefits to all pensioners under the Old Pension Scheme. The government has given a huge gift by issuing a notification in the month of January 2024 itself. The government is going to give the benefit of this gift to thousands of employees of the state. The Chief Minister has made this notification by posting it on the social media platform named X. He has said that he is going to fulfill the promise he had made.

For which he prepared a new scheme. What did the Chief Minister say in the notification issued and which employees will get the benefit of the old pension scheme. We are going to give you all that information through this article. Therefore read this article carefully.

Employees OPS 2024

Friends, in the month of January 2024, a good news has come from the government for the government employees. Let us tell you that in view of the demand of all the government employees in the upcoming financial year 2024-25, the government has said to re-implement the demand of the old pension scheme. Looking at the government notification it seems. That a certain guarantee can be provided by the government to the central employees included in NPS to provide the benefits of Old Pension Scheme.

For your information, let us tell you that the employees who joined government jobs after January 1, 2004 were deprived of the benefits of the old pension scheme. Because the new pension scheme was started in 2004. Some amount from the employees' account was deposited in the NPS fund and the government also deposited the same amount in the employee's account. Both the government and the employees would deposit a certain amount in the NPS fund during their service period and after the retirement of the employees, pension was paid to the employees according to the market returns through this fund.

Under the scheme, 50% of their last salary will be given as pension after retirement. Apart from this, along with the increase in dearness allowance, their pension will also be increased. Some secret sources have revealed that the government can earmark 35 to 40 percent of the salary of the employees for their pension after retirement. But if this decision is taken by the government then due to this decision the financial burden on the government may increase. Notification has been issued by the government to release the Old Pension Scheme. Which can be presented in the budget to be released in the month of February.

Notification issued by the government

Under the Old Pension Scheme, the government will give option for old pension scheme to more than 13000 employees. For which a guarantee has been promised by the government. And now on January 26, the new scheme of this Old Pension Scheme has been released by the government. The Congress government had promised to implement the Old Pension Scheme 2024 before the elections. The Congress government had said. That if the Congress government wins the elections this year. So he will implement the Old Pension Scheme.

To fulfill this promise, the Old Pension Scheme has been released by the Congress. Under this scheme, employees who were appointed before April 1, 2004 and those who were appointed after April 1, 2004 were eligible for benefits. They used to get pension benefits under the New Pension Scheme but on 26 January 2024, the notification of the Old Pension Scheme has been issued by the government.

Karnataka's new Chief Minister Siddaramaiah wrote a post on

Siddaramaiah, the new Chief Minister of Karnataka state, wrote a post on the X social media platform. In which he said that the employees on strike against the new pension scheme will get the benefit of the pension scheme, which has been guaranteed by the new Chief Minister of the Congress government recently. With this, Karnataka state has also come in the list of states providing benefits of the old pension scheme scheme. Even before this, the old pension scheme scheme has been implemented by many state governments.

How many employees will avail the benefit of Old Pension Scheme?

The benefit of the scheme will be given to more than 13000 employees. This promise was made by the government to the government employees before the elections. After the elections, they will get the benefit of the old pension scheme. After winning the elections, the government visited the place where the employees were sitting on strike against the new pension system.

After listening to the problems of all of them, the government fulfilled their demands. More than 13000 employees of Karnataka state will now avail the benefits of the Old Pension Scheme, but before this, the old pension scheme has been implemented in Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.

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