EMRS Exam: Greed of Rs 15 thousand... A young man reached to give the exam in exchange for someone else; Police caught two Munnabhai from two centers, Can the exam be canceled?

Two youths who had come to take the exam instead of the other, were caught from two different examination centres. Both were handed over to Danapur police. EMRS exam was on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Mandeep Kumar, a resident of Manpur, Gaya, had come to take the exam instead of someone else at the Arcade Business College Center located on Khagaul Road. He was caught during checking at the entrance itself. Mandeep told that he had come to take the exam in place of Gautam Kumar. He had received Rs 15,000 for appearing in the examination.

At the same time, Aman Kumar, a resident of Begusarai, who was appearing in place of Vikas Kumar at the D. Ram DAV Public School examination center located on Gola Road, was caught by the center superintendent during the investigation. Both were handed over to Danapur police.

In teacher reinstatement, result of one candidate should be released on one seat only: Union

Bihar Primary Young Teachers Association has demanded from BPSC to release one candidate for teacher recruitment on one seat only.

State President of Teachers Association, Dipankar Gaurav has written a letter to the BPSC Chairman saying that lakhs of candidates have appeared for the examination to join the teacher posts of middle, secondary and higher secondary schools, in such a situation only one candidate is selected for all three schools simultaneously. If there are vacancies then other candidates will not get a chance to take part in the restoration of those seats.

He demanded that the results of teacher candidates should be declared on only one seat on the basis of the preferences given by them at the time of application, so that the results of eligible candidates can be declared on all the seats.

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